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One of the original personal computer companies.  They have never took the market by storm but have kept a fairly consistent market share.  They have a great operating system and cool hardware but can never seem to break into corporate America.
What a success story this company is!  My dad bought a Dell about 4 years ago and loves it.  He wouldn't buy anything but a Dell now.
My favorite PC company.  They make great systems at a reasonable price.  I have been using Gateway PC's at my places of employment since 1994 and have been very pleased.
Good old IBM.  They started this whole PC thing back in the early 80's but have largely missed the PC boat during the 90's.  I keep hoping that they will get things turned around but am starting to lose faith in this.
I'm not a huge fan of this company, but anytime you mention personal computers you must talk about Microsoft.  There are some products that they make which are quite good, FrontPage, Internet Explorer, etc.
Netscape has a decent browser and I am very excited about Netscape 6 which is currently in beta.  Hopefully they will make the browser easier to use and improve upon their email client.
I love their network operating system.  It is generally very stable and their directory services are great.  Too bad they can't market their way out of a paper bag!!  I'm hoping Eric Schmidt can get the company turned around and headed in the right direction.  He's done well so far but I can only hope he continues to turn the company around.
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