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Thanks for visiting our family page!  Our family is now located in Travelers Rest, SC.  In 2012 we relocated from Orwigsburg, PA where we had lived since 1994 after I accepted a new position at Furman University. 
About Mike
Want to know a little more about me?  Information about my background and hobbies can be found on this page.
About Janice
Here's a page about my wonderful wife, Janice.  Information here about teaching, her background and her hobbies.
About Jessie
Jessie is our little social butterfly.  Keep up to date on her busy social schedule.
About Rachel
Rachel just started school this year.  She's not quite as busy as Jessie but it won't take her long to catch up.
About Scott
The newest addition to our family.  Here's a way to keep tabs on his progress.


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