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Various types of records for Dormer genealogy research.
Different branches of the Dormer family from the earliest know ancestor.
Post information about your Dormer research or look for others searching for Dormer.
People who are researching the Dormer family.
Resources and links for researching the Dormer family.
Origins of the Dormer surname.
Welcome to my Dormer genealogy home page. These Dormer genealogy pages are designed to assist in the research of family genealogical lines and preservation of documents related to the Dormer family surname. The goal of the Dormer genealogy pages is to provide a homepage for Dormer descendants where they can research their genealogical past, read histories about other Dormer family members, and provide a social, friendly atmosphere for all Dormer family relatives to communicate with each other.

This page was last updated on August 31, 2017