Children's Literature
Titles by Eric Carle

Mike Gifford





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  cover The Very Quiet Cricket
A cricket is born who cannot talk.  A bigger cricket welcomes him to the world, then a locust, a cicada, and many other insects, but each time the tiny cricket rubs his wings together in vain; no sound emerges.  In the end, however, he meets another quiet cricket, and manages to find his voice.
  cover The Grouchy Ladybug
  Walter the Baker
Walter the Baker is famous for his breads, rolls, cookies, tarts, and pies. The Duke and Duchess especially love his warm sweet rolls, delivered fresh to their castle every morning. But one day the cat spills the milk, and Walter is forced to serve the Duke and Duchess rolls made with water. After one bite the Duke throws down his roll in disgust and summons Walter to the castle. He threatens to banish the baker unless he can take the same dough and make a good-tasting roll that the rising sun can shine through three times. Will Walter succeed in his task, or will he have to leave his town forever?
  The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  Dream Snow


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